Championship: Market Definition vs. Buyer Persona


It all comes down to this. In one corner you have Buyer Personas (representing the go-to-market region), with a really clear understanding of your archetypical buyers. In the other, representing the business region, we have Market Definition, with a clear understanding of your market—how big is it, what it is comprised of; if there a fan base big enough to support your product. Market knowledge vs. buyer knowledge in this championship round of Pragmatic Institute's Market Madness! Analyst Commentary Buyer Personas have demonstrated their desire to win and fans won’t be disappointed as they’ve been exceeding their expectations on the court. Market Definition, on the other hand, will find a way to dig deep and answer back. Do they have the goods to triumph over a team who until this point has exemplified a winning edge, and show us the true definition of a champion? In the end, which team will give us their all in the defining moments? Will the #4 seed show us the definition of heart as the underdogs prevail? Will the #3 seed personify leaders of their division, dominating till the end? Who has the skills to embody a winning persona and create a moment in history? Who will take their rightful seat as the 2015 Market Madness Champions? You decide their fate. Vote now.

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