Biggest challenges in product launches

I recently noticed a LinkedIn Answer posted by Tom Grant over at Forrester. The question was “For anyone in the tech industry: What are the biggest challenges in product launches”.

The answers were either about the product or getting someone in the organization to do something they don’t already do (or are unwilling to do). My colleague Steve Johnson summed it up nicely:

“Developers think that the work is done when THEIR work is done. After the product is OUT of development, there’s still tons to do to get the product IN the market.”

I couldn’t agree more and would add:

“The single biggest challenge in product launches is getting the organization ready to market, sell, deliver and support the product at a level that can achieve the launch goals.”

The key point here is that many organizations spend most of their resources in the creation of the product then stumble and fall getting it out the door. Couple that will no clear launch goals and you have a recipe for a flop.

Product launch isn’t the end of development. It’s the beginning of selling.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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