Are you Tuned In to your buyers?

Three guys I know just completed a great new book - "Tuned In". It’s already on Amazon’s and Barnes & Noble’s best seller page.  I recommend you add to your reading list. 

Why is it that some organizations just "get it" and have successful products/services that their customers love and others deliver one lackluster offering after another?  It’s because they’re Tuned In to their buyers.

"Tuned In" is an exploration of this paradox and a framework for getting Tuned In so your organization can identify problems that are urgent, pervasive and customers are will to pay to solve.

Does your organization dream up new product ideas, build it and then find it flops?  If you answered yes to this question you need to make reading "Tuned In" a priority.

Click on this link to request a complimentary copy of "Tuned In" (while supplies last).

This well-reasoned and useful guide argues that successful innovators can develop products that "resonate" by connecting deeply with consumers. This simple idea is delivered in a conversational tone and illustrated in well-structured chapters laying out a six-step "Tuned in Process" and examples that span borders and industries. From anecdotes about countryside hotels that sprouted up to provide respite for Japanese salarymen to Nalgene plastic bottles, which escaped the laboratory to achieve cult status and ultimately mass market consumer appeal, fascinating case studies abound. However, as appealing as the concept and the many examples are, the enthusiastic presentation begins to grate; the repeated invocation of the "Tuned in Process" may tire readers looking for more subtlety and fewer sound bites. Still, there is sufficient fodder for anyone who wants to shake the sleep out of an organization and renew a focus on creating the kind of value that customers are willing to pay for. (June)  (Publishers Weekly, April 7, 2008)


David Daniels

David Daniels

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