Are You Listening to Learn or Listening to Sell?


You want a better understanding of the markets you serve. You want to identify new markets. You want to identify new, innovative solutions that can vault your career and the fortunes of your company. Are you using your best listening skills?

Too often you have your Listening to Sell filter on and miss important insights. The Listening to Sell filter discards information that isn’t relevant to selling efforts. You hear only what you need to move the sale forward.

Listening to Learn is filterless. It’s an activity with no agenda; no preconceived notions. It is almost childlike in the wonderment of learning something new, something you never knew before. It opens your mind up to seeing problems in a whole new light. You see things differently.  The problems identified could lead to new markets, new solutions, and new growth opportunities.

It’s unreliable to expect your salespeople to identify the next product and the next market because they Listen to Sell. It’s not a surprise and it’s not a criticism. It’s a fact. It’s how we expect them to perform and it’s how they are compensated.

Someone in your organization needs to practice Listening to Learn. Who does this today? How can you engage more resources to practice Listening to Learn?

photo credit: in_times_of_profound_change_ via photopin (license)

David Daniels

David Daniels

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