Are B2B marketers missing the boat?

Recently MarketingProfs produced an online B2B marketing conference. Several slides in a presentation by Laura Ramos of Forrester caught my attention. Larger organizations tend to get in a rut when it comes to the marketing tactics they use. It’s safe, but it’s not always effective. The slide is from Forrester’s Q2 2006 Business-to-Business Marketing Effectiveness Survey.

B2B marketers lean on traditional tactics

Nothing is really suprising in this slide. It’s the usual stuff. What’s really interesting is how the survey respondents thought of the performance (effectiveness) of the tactics against their expectations.

Most marketing tactics underperform against expectations

Laura points out, rightly, that online marketing tactics can be highly effective and worthy of greater attention. We couldn’t agree more, especially when most B2B technology buyers use a vendor’s web site at the first point of contact.

Launch Clinic’s Take: Choosing marketing tactics for a product launch should be carefully evaluated against the goals and objectives of the launch with the essential metrics in place to capture performance effectiveness.

David Daniels

David Daniels

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