Always looking for a large unmet need

Intuit does many things right including seeing problems that others have missed. They introduced Quicken and Quickbooks despite dozens of competitors and became the dominate player by focusing on the problems that regular people were having. And now they're entering health care billing to help people get their arms around the ridiculous morass of bills and past due notices.

In Less Insult From Injury, BusinessWeek Online's Susan Berfield writes,

They visited dozens of people in their homes to see how they handled all of the bills and statements generated by the health-care system. Their conclusions were that people would spend hours to get even a few dollars out of their insurance companies, and that they wanted some way to assert control at a time when their lives had been upended by health concerns.

As Chief Executive Steve Bennett says: "We are always looking for a large unmet need that we can solve."

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

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