AI in Business

Is it just us, or do you think of robots taking over the world whenever someone mentions artificial intelligence (though probably not this one)?

And while our robot overlords as still a few decades away (depending on which movie you’re watching), AI is very much in the present, and growing more and more popular with businesses every day.

But how does AI work in business?

As the name implies, artificial intelligence is computer software systems and algorithms designed to help computers learn—everything from speech to driving directions to image and video recognition to problem reasoning.

Depending on your specific business, you’re using an AI program  if you have a chatbot on your website to answer questions from your customers. Artificial intelligence can help with your cybersecurity defense by constantly scanning your system and learning and improving the protections.

But to improve your business? That’s where things get interesting. Think about companies like Amazon. They use artificial intelligence in their recommendation services. Their system scans through the millions of searches and transactions and clicks that happen at any given moment, and learns from the behaviors to make recommendations for you based on what others have purchased. Now customers purchase additional, complementary and related items, increasing their total purchase amount. That’s AI improving Amazon’s business.

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