A product launch lesson learned

I learned something important during the launch of the Product Launch Essentials seminar. Included in the launch activities were 3 webinars I conducted to help generate awareness, and to encourage viewers to download my new ebook.

Too hot, too cold or just right?

The challenge I encountered with the webinars is content. There is a delicate balance between engaging the audience while not giving away content that we typically sell. I had a belief that it was not good etiquette for me to overtly sell the seminar. I didn’t have any evidence to support that belief, but I had it just the same.

In the first webinar – 10 Ways to identify an Impending Product Launch Disaster – I had one slide that provided upcoming locations and dates for Product Launch Essentials and a URL to the launch landing page on the Pragmatic Institute web site. It should be OK to mention the seminar and let viewers go learn for themselves, I thought. In the second webinar – Tips for Product Launch Marketing Success – I followed the same pattern. It was really more of an “oh by the way we have this new seminar” mention.

Apparently too cold

Then a funny thing happened. I received requests from viewers wanting more information about Product Launch Essentials. Some were even perturbed I didn’t discuss it more. The situation embarrassed me. I was so afraid of offending my audience that I glossed over the whole point of the webinar series – to sell the audience on attending Product Launch Essentials. It was about SELLING. I just didn’t want to be seen as the Sham-Wow guy.

At this point I was wondering if I was doing my audience and Product Launch Essentials a disservice by not discussing it in more detail. Did I blow it? Would they be back to watch the third installment in the series?

Going for it

I had one more chance. For the third webinar – Launch Owner: Superhero of a Product Launch – I shifted gears. I set my fear of offending my audience aside and added content that provided more context about Product Launch Essentials and even a little sample from the seminar content itself.

You can be the judge. Too hot, too cold or just right?

Are you limiting your product launch marketing efforts with unfounded beliefs?
David Daniels

David Daniels

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