A Competition-Minded Roadmap

Imagine this scenario: You’re responsible for the vision and execution of product development at your company. You’ve presented your product roadmap, received buy-in from the CEO and executive team, and from the software developers and product managers who report to you. You feel confident about the plan and envision the impact it will have on the company when your product goals are achieved. Then, first thing Monday you get an email forwarded by your CEO that was from the chairman of the board. It’s about the press announcement of a new product line that your primary competitor is launching. The product line appears to be revolutionary; certainly it will be talked about within the industry. The only problem is that this email didn’t come from you. Your CEO is already asking you questions. She has a board meeting this week and anticipates being questioned about this product line. So what do you do? You feel confident about your roadmap, yet you understand the position your CEO is in. For tips to ensure your roadmap is competition-proof, read the full article by Mike Belsito in the latest edition of Pragmatic Marketer.

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