7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Marketing Automation

  7-tips_marketing_automation By Mollie McDonnell When Heather Lemere started Salon Success Strategies—a marketing agency that services salons and spas in 2009—it was difficult to find leads. It was even harder to find qualified leads. As a result, Lemere decided to utilize marketing automation software. Once she consolidated her marketing systems onto one platform, the inbound leads started gushing forth. Between 2013 and 2014, Lemere experienced a 300 percent growth in revenue. Intacct, a cloud-based accounting company, had the same issue many business have: They did not have the right tools in place to generate the right leads. Because they wasted too much time with ineffective marketing strategies, they decided to incorporate marketing automation and data management. Since the change they have converted 80,000 junk records into usable assets and have a much better ROI from their marketing budget. In yet another example of successfully implementing marketing automation software, PaperStyle.com used marketing automation to track brides through their wedding planning process and feature products relevant to their corresponding needs. The result? The company received an open rate 244 percent higher than average. As these examples demonstrate, marketing automation software can serve as the glue that holds your marketing campaign together by keeping efforts organized, securing data from leads, and improving your marketing and sales goals. Here are some tips for optimizing these tools to get the most out of your marketing automation system. Start With a Goal and Keep Track of Progress Take note of where you are whenever you implement a new marketing automation system, make a simple change to your campaign, or track how things are going. This will be your starting point: the number of leads, customers and sales that you have. Then note how much you spend on your campaign, and what your return on investment is. Keep consistent note of what works and what doesn’t, and create benchmarks to ensure that your marketing automation system is on track. After a few weeks or months, you should start to see a difference. Take Advantage of the Extra Knowledge Marketing automation software creates opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available. For instance, marketing automation can help you acquire additional information about individual leads, like information about buying behavior and habits based on past experiences, insight into what leads have looked for on search engines, and examples of other pages they have also looked at. Pre-Schedule Content and Social Media Posts Save time and stress by planning out your posts in advance and scheduling time to post each one. The software will manage the rest for you. It is that easy, as long as you take the time to set it up and keep up with it each month. Keep Up the Content A major part of marketing automation software is content management. In addition to helping you post content in a timely manner and stay on schedule, it will monitor your blog and web pages, along with your social media pages, to ensure that everything is posted when it needs to be. But even with all this organization and timely posting, you must complete your half of the bargain: the writing. If you can’t do it alone, get help to keep up with the work to ensure that quality is not lost. Quality content is critical to digital marketing, so don’t pretend that it is okay to slack off because you can’t keep up. Enable Email Alerts To help nurture leads, use triggered emails to gauge your leads’ interest. These emails will help ease your leads into sales-directed emails, and will alert you if they are clicked on, opened and read, or if they are sent to the trash. Alerts help you master email marketing to achieve the best results. Lead Scoring For Time-Saving Your marketing automation software helps you do more for your business in less time. Lead scoring will help track leads and find the ones with the most purchasing potential. Then you can target those leads to get the best possible ROI for your efforts. Real-Time Alerts become Real Life-Savers No one likes to wait, and these days patience is extra low. But marketing automation can help cut the wait time. Instead of waiting for response from your leads when you reach out to them, alerts will let you see when leads view and react to your messages even more quickly than they are likely to respond. Following these tips will help you get the most out of your marketing automation software. Not only will your efforts will be more organized, but you’ll discover new opportunities for securing data from leads and improve your marketing and sales goals. Mollie McDonnell is a content writer for LeadPath.com, a part of First Impression Interactive, a digital marketing and lead generation service. She focuses on crafting content to help business owners create better online marketing practices. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/molliemcdonnell007.

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