37% of you don’t have launch goals

I ran a poll recently on LinkedIn and posed the question

“The goals for a product launch in my company are…”

The choices were “Clearly defined & communicated”, “Vague and fuzzy”, “Not shared with us”, and “Not defined or used”.

This isn’t a poll worthy of Rasmussen (forgive me Scott) but does give us a snapshot we can explore in more detail. 62% of you said you have clearly defined and communicated launch goals. The remaining 37% of you indicated they were either vague, not shared or not defined (note the numbers don’t add up to 100% due to rounding).


A slightly different view of the same data is very interesting. If we look at the responses by job title we discover that 100% of C-Level and VP respondents say their launch goals are clear. But those in non-management roles disagree. Only 50% of them believe the launch goals are clearly defined and communicated. So somewhere between the executive management team and the folks who actually have to plan and execute the launch there’s a disconnect.

image I don’t find this surprising at all. Ask a CEO, VP of Sales and VP Marketing to state the launch goals, and I’ll bet you’ll get three different answers. But they’ll all agree the launch goals are clearly defined & communicated. Is there any wonder why product launch is such a critical issue?

David Daniels

David Daniels

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