They say change is a good thing. We say change is a great thing.

And we’re excited to announce our greatest change yet. Pragmatic Marketing, the authority on product management and marketing training, has joined forces with The Data Incubator, a leading provider of data science education. Together, these amazing training companies have become a single source for comprehensive business education. Introducing:

At Pragmatic Institute, we’re continuing our commitment to great education for product leaders, business professionals and data scientists around the world.

Our public, private and online training will help you take your business to new heights, giving you the skills you need to become market- and data-driven. From product management and marketing skills to pricing to data science and machine learning and beyond, Pragmatic Institute is the partner you need to go the distance with your product, your business and your career.

The best changes are still to come. Will you join us?

Pragmatic Institute’s History

Founded as Pragmatic Marketing in 1993, Pragmatic Institute has a strong track record of providing real-world insights, actionable best practices and proven tools to product managers and product marketing managers around the world.

We've helped thousands of companies across the globe refine and perfect their strategies and goals through our proven framework. This framework gives product teams a standard language and a blueprint of core activities required to bring profitable, market-driven, problem-oriented products to market.

In 2018, recognizing the global rise of data and an increasing need for education for business and product professionals on data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Pragmatic Institute partnered with The Data Incubator. Together, the companies became Pragmatic Institute, and combined their dedication and efforts to provide exceptional education across a wide variety of essential topics for product and business leaders.

The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator began as a Cornell-funded data science training organization, aiming to improve the skills of elite data scientists around the world. As the world of data continues to rapidly expand and change, the need for qualified data scientists has never been higher. TDI has been providing data experts with real-world experience that allows them to put their years of education and knowledge to practical use in our Fellowship and online programs.

In addition to our data science training, TDI works with many of today’s leading organizations both to help them find new data scientists to join their teams and to help level up those already there with corporate training.

Now as part of the Pragmatic Institute, we will be adding our expertise in big data and machine learning to product and business leaders who want to understand the fundamentals of data and how to implement into their businesses.