Virtual Implementation Assistance™ FAQ 

What is the Virtual Implementation Assistance program? 
Virtual Implementation Assistance is an after-training program to help Pragmatic Institute customers like you successfully implement the Pragmatic Institute Framework into your own environment and accelerate your transformation into a market-driven organization. Developed to assist individuals or small groups, the focus is on discussing targeted issues and company-specific challenges, including reviewing worksheets and templates.

Sessions are intended to supplement and enhance training, not to be a substitute.


Who is the Virtual Implementation Assistance program for? 
The Virtual Implementation Assistance program is available to anyone who has taken Pragmatic Institute training.  


How does the Virtual Implementation Assistance program work? 
Individuals or companies may purchase one or more bundles of five sessions. Sales will review the program with you and introduce you to your coach. Scheduling will be done online.  


How long is a Virtual Implementation Assistance session? 
Each Virtual Implementation Assistance session can last up to 55 minutes.

May I divide a Virtual Implementation Assistance session into multiple sessions? 
No. An individual session may not be subdivided into multiple sessions. Whether your scheduled session lasts 15 minutes or 55 minutes, it counts as one completed session.  

How do I learn more about the Virtual Implementation Assistance program? 
Call 480-515-1411 Visit our Virtual Implementation Assistance page at 

How many people can attend a Virtual Implementation Assistance session?
The Virtual Implementation Assistance program is designed for individuals or small groups to discuss targeted issues and challenges; it is not intended to be a substitute for attending a class. While there is no limit on the number of people who may attend a session, if too many people attend, it could dilute the value of your session.

Can Virtual Implementation Assistance sessions be scheduled concurrently on the same day? 
No. You may not schedule concurrent sessions on the same day, unless prearranged with your VIA coach. However, sessions may be scheduled on consecutive days.

What topics may I discuss during a Virtual Implementation Assistance session? 
You may discuss almost anything related to the Pragmatic Institute Framework during your session, as long as the topic applies to courses you have already attended. You are responsible for completing the work, although your coach will participate in the conversation and support your efforts.

For example, your coach can walk through how to use worksheets and templates, help plan strategy or gap analysis sessions and review completed work products (e.g., templates for buyer and user personas, win/loss, etc.). However, your coach will not reteach slides from class, teach sections of a class you have not attended or do your work for you.


How will my Virtual Implementation Assistance session be delivered? 
Each coaching session is conducted via web conference, allowing both parties to collaborate on documents.  


Can I use my Virtual Implementation Assistance sessions on demand?
No. Sessions must be scheduled in advance around your VIA coach’s set office hours on a first come, first served basis.